Help Israel IDF fighters and GAZA BORDER refugees

At the Oz Center by the Ma'ale Association, where "Rehabilitation Is the Goal," we bear witness to the silent battles fought long after the war is over.  We can see the physical wounds of those returning from battle, yet we can’t see the psychological wounds of almost every soldier and innocent civilian who lived through the atrocities – we must treat these wounds as well.

Consider the story of Haim , once vibrant and fearless, whose spirit was extinguished by the traumas experienced in battle. He now experiences haunting nightmares, unbearable flashbacks, sleepless nights, unbearable anxiety and indescribable anguish that influence every aspect of her life. It is stories like Haim’s that drive our mission forward.

In our facility, we provide a haven for individuals like Haim, offering holistic rehabilitation programs that include psychiatry, psychology, group treatments, and sustained mental support. The therapeutic use of medical cannabis, has shown promising results in alleviating haunting symptoms related to PTSD and other trauma-induced conditions.

But our resources are stretched, and there are many "Haims" out there, soldiers who have bravely served or innocent victims who witnessed atrocities, now silently struggling, in need of our support and the life-altering treatments we offer.

We believe that no hero should fight alone.

Your Help Can Forge a Path to Healing With your generous donation, we can reach out to more soldiers and victims like Haim, providing not only medical intervention with cannabis but an embracing environment that fosters healing and reconnection. Your support means more lives regained from the pervasive shadow of trauma.

A donation of $50 can provide a trauma victim with a one-on-one counselling session.

A gift of $100 ensures a week’s worth of group therapy sessions for our heroes.

With $500, you can sponsor a month’s supply of medical cannabis for a veteran or victim in need.

Don’t let our heroes battle alone. Together, we can extend our hands to those who have selflessly extended theirs in the service of others. Every contribution, big or small, brings us a step closer to ensuring that veterans and victims like Haim, can reclaim peace, not just in our world, but in theirs.

Support us in rewriting the narratives of our veterans and victims. Donate to the Oz Center and be a beacon of hope in their journey towards healing and rehabilitation.

* 1 item equals to 20 ILS.

Or bank transfer via:

IBAN: IL55-0205-2300-0000-0023-432


Account name: oz center

Account number: 523-023-432
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