Cannabis helps you but you need extra support Skills and tools to get back to routine?

As patients you have probably encountered more than once the inability to deal with certain situations in life whether it is due to an abnormal appearance or non-standard behavior, anxieties or even due to fears of misunderstanding of the environment in the exceptional needs we have in life. That is exactly why we have set up a support system that allows everyone to find their personal need and rely on rehabilitation services – where you will find:

  • Supportive treatment for symptom reduction
  • Assistance in dealing with complex situations
  • Assistance and support back into the employment circle 
  • Supportive care for trauma victims [battle injuries / accidents / victims of sexual assault and more ..] 
  • Supportive and comprehensive treatment for Tourette’s patients, Parkinson’s, PTSD 
  • Assistance with ancillary rehabilitation services – for the treatment of pain offered at the association’s pain clinic as supportive treatment alongside cannabis – Ask the representative 
  • Psychodrama / support / movement sessions and more … Ask the representative 

The Medical Cannabis Recovery and Rehabilitation Center  provides recovery services that include guidance and adjustment of the drug to the patient in accordance with the changing daily routine, assistance with rehabilitation processes to return to routine, life skills, society and employment. The process is supervised by a physician and managed by licensed nurses and rehabilitation coordinators who are qualified to treat medical cannabis.

  • Adjustment at the rehabilitation center according to the needs of dealing with changing consumption situations
  • Rehabilitation activity to aid alongside cannabis for pain rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation activity to assist alongside cannabis for child rehabilitation and autism
  • Rehabilitation activity to assist alongside cannabis for PTSD rehabilitation

Adjustment according to required activities (employment / leisure, etc.) will be done in structured positions to visualize different situations and accompanied by the nurses accompanying the program.

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